Spring Recap & What to Expect from MikeyLoBets moving forward

With the FCS Spring season ending this past weekend I wanted to write a quick blog to recap the Spring and give you all some information on what my plan is for the blog moving forward. You won’t be seeing weekly “official play” posts for awhile like you did during the FCS season, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be hearing from me until Labor Day Weekend.

But before we get into that, I do want to take a quick moment to say thank you. I started this blog as a hobby this past Winter because I was bored during the Covid-19 lockdowns. I thought it would give me something to do and give me a way to organize my own thoughts that would help take my own personal handicapping to the next level. If I could help a few people along the way make some money… that’s even better!

But a funny thing happened during the Spring FCS season… more and more people started reading my posts on a regular basis, tailing my plays, and RTing & favoriting my tweets. Before I knew it this blog had already exceeded my expectations. So to anyone that has ever read my posts, followed my plays, RT’d my picks, had me on their podcast (that’s you, Corey), or supported me in any way… THANK YOU! This has been a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing where it goes this Fall and beyond!

Spring Recap

On Sunday, we capped off a successful Spring season with a 4-unit winner on a Sam Houston +10 live bet. That brought our overall Spring record to 11-6 (64.7%), +10.19 Units. I’m very satisfied with this record, especially when I remember that I started the season 0-2 when I was still getting the hang of the FCS. Finishing the season on an 11-4 run is something to be very excited about! I’m very encouraged as we head into the Fall season.

You can see every official play at the bottom of my tracking page. After posting official plays on twitter I add them here as soon as possible. Results are also broken down by week and by conference in the charts at the top of the page.


So now we’ve got a little bit of time until the regular season starts again. Week 0 is the weekend of August 28th. What can you expect from the blog until then? Well there will be a few things…

Futures Bets: I am waiting patiently for the books to release team season win totals. I already have a number of teams circled as potential over or under teams depending on what the line is. I think we will be able to find some really good bets here and will probably go pretty large on a few of them. So you can expect some write-ups to go along with those plays.

Power Rankings: I plan on releasing power rankings for each power 5 and group of 5 conference as well as maybe a few of the premier FCS conferences (MVC, Big Sky). You can expect a preseason edition of these power rankings as well as a potential overall Top 20 and bottom 5. These all will be updated each week during the regular season.

Hopefully that will be enough to keep me busy and keep you guys engaged until the regular season gets here. I’m also getting married this August, so that will take up some of my time. But don’t worry, it’s before the season starts =)

Fall Regular Season

Fun personal fact: I’m a creature of routine. When my routine gets out of whack, I get a little unsettled. So I am hoping to fall into a routine once the season starts. We will have to play it by ear a little bit early on as I get the hang of everything, but this is what I’m thinking:

Sunday: That week’s “official plays” thread is pinned with a recap of the previous week and a spot to start adding plays/write-ups for the week. Unlike the Spring FCS Season where I usually only had 1-2 plays/week, with such a full FBS+FCS slate each weekend you can expect bigger cards from me this Fall. Follow me on twitter to get my official plays as soon as I make them, but I will be adding write-ups to this thread as the week goes on.

Monday: Checking in on our futures bets blog post. What is cool about futures bets, is that it gives you teams to follow throughout the year. This post will give quick write-ups on the teams we are invested on for futures bets and look ahead to key swing “toss-up” games for our futures bets.

Tuesday: Updated power rankings post. How did the previous weeks results effect our conference power rankings as well as the overall Top 20 and Bottom 5?

Please note this timeline will be a little screwed up between Week 1 & Week 2 as Week 1 has games through Monday night because of the Labor Day holiday.

Will you only be posting College Football?

College Football is my bread and butter. It’s my best sport for handicapping. However, I have also been successful in the past betting NFL and NCAA Basketball. While this blog will remain mostly all college football, I do plan on posting NFL and NCAA Basketball plays on twitter (without write-ups). I may write the occasional blog about these, but the majority of these will be plays only. It’s just a time thing. I devout a lot of time to handicapping college football and doing the write-ups and I just don’t have the time to do writeups for the other sports. I will track the NFL and NCAA Basketball results on the blog. The NFL and NCAA Basketball plays will follow the Tony Stoffo 2-6 Money Management system – meaning unit sizes will be predetermined. You can expect a blog about that in the future detailing what all that means.

How can I help MikeyLoBets?

Please just continue to visit this site. The support this Spring was awesome and I truly thank you! The best way to grow a site is just word of mouth. If you have any gambling friends and wouldn’t mind telling them about this site I would really appreciate it! Big things are coming this Fall! Let the countdown to the regular season begin… Labor Day Weekend can’t get here soon enough!

Week 1

In case you missed some past posts that are still relevant:

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