Preseason Power Rankings: SEC

Preseason Power Rankings: SEC Please note that power rankings are meant to rank teams based on current team strength on a neutral field. It is not necessarily a projection of where I think teams will finish or who has a better resume. It is forward thinking but does not factor in strength of schedule, schedule breakdown, etc. ICYMI Other Conference Preseason Power Rankings: Mountain West … Continue reading Preseason Power Rankings: SEC

Early takeaways from the SP+ Preseason Rankings Release

This week Bill Connelly released his 2021 returning production rankings & college football preseason SP+ rankings over at ESPN+. Bill’s rankings are always a good resource for any college football handicapper or fan and it gives us something fun to talk about during the off-season. I heard Bill mention on the CBS Cover 3 College Football podcast that the production was harder than usual to … Continue reading Early takeaways from the SP+ Preseason Rankings Release

Early Look at the 2021 SEC Schedule

This week the SEC released their 2021 football schedule. After all the uncertainty of last year’s offseason and the anxiety that it gave me not knowing if we would have any college football at all, it’s so refreshing to see a normal schedule on paper. Please make it happen! Everybody loves a good schedule – there is nothing quite like breaking down Fall matchups in … Continue reading Early Look at the 2021 SEC Schedule