8/31 – Dinger Tuesday Plays

What is Dinger Tuesday?

Dinger Tuesday

Dinger Tuesday is a promotion that FanDuel offers every Tuesday. If you opt-in and place a $25 pre-game bet on a player to hit a HR, you will get $5 back for every HR hit in that game (max $25) regardless of whether your player hit a HR.

So, for example, if we take Kris Bryant +300 to hit a HR in a Cubs-Cardinals game ($25 to win $75) and he doesn’t HR but the game has a total of 3 HR, we would get $15 back for a net loss of $10.

If, in the hypothetical scenario described above, Kris Bryant did have one of the 3 HR we would win $75 on the Bryant HR plus get the $15 back for a net total of $90.

Last Week Recap

Last Week Dinger

I took the last two weeks off for my wedding so my recent performance was on 8/10. It was out first losing Dinger Tuesday, but we only gave back $12. I’m very pleased with 4-for-5 profits and up over $275 total in the short time I’ve been doing this.


7/6: +$27.50
7/20: +$60
7/27: +$299
8/3: +$13
8/10: -$12
TOTAL: 4-1, +$287.50

Stats Referenced Below

HR = Home Runs
Barrel % = Barrel Percentage (Percentage of batted balls hit on the barrel of bat)
Hard Hit % = Hard Contact Percentage (Percentage of hard-hit batted balls)
FB% = Fly Ball Percentage (% of balls in play that are fly balls)
HR/FB = Home Run to Fly Ball Rate (% of fly balls that go for Home Runs)
HR/9 = Home Runs per 9 innings (# of HR a pitcher allows per 9 innings)

The pitching stats I gather are from the past month and the hitting stats I gather are from the past three weeks*.

*Please note that some of the hitting stats may not have included stats from the past 1-2 days as I need to start my research on Sunday-Monday to get it all done on time.

Chicago (NL) (Davies) @ Minnesota (Gant)
Pre-Game Total:
Pitcher we are targeting: Davies, RHP (Chicago) – 15.7% Barrel, 48.6% Hard Hit, 32.8% FB, 50.0% HR/FB, 4.37 HR/9
Official Pick: Josh Donaldson (+320) $25 to win $80 –
4 HR, 20.9% Barrel, 48.8% Hard Hit, 46.5% FB, 20.0% HR/FB

Philadelphia (Moore) @ Washington (Corbin)
Pre-Game Total:
Pitcher we are targeting: Corbin, LHP (Washington) – 15.4% Barrel, 42.3% Hard Hit, 34.7% FB, 34.6% HR/FB, 3.00 HR/9
Official Pick: Andrew McCutchen (+430) $25 to win $107.50 – 1 HR, 5.9% Barrel, 52.9% Hard Hit, 44.1% FB, 6.7% HR/FB

Colorado (Gomber) @ Texas (Lyles)
Pre-Game Total:
Pitcher we are targeting: Lyles, RHP (Texas) – 13.7% Barrel, 54.7% Hard Hit, 35.1% FB, 24.2% HR/FB, 2.60 HR/9
Official Pick: CJ Cron (+230) $25 to win $57.50 – 6 HR, 16.7% Barrel, 41.7% Hard Hit, 47.9% FB%, 26.1% HR/FB

San Diego (Snell) @ Arizona (Gallen)
Pre-Game Total:
Pitcher we are targeting: Gallen, RHP (Arizona) – 7.8% Barrel, 39.0% Hard Hit, 40.3% FB, 19.4% HR/FB, 1.88 HR/9
Official Pick: Fernando Tatis Jr. (+240) $25 to win $60 – 4 HR, 18.2% Barrel, 63.6% Hard Hit, 42.4% FB, 28.6% HR/FB

Official Plays – 8/31 Dinger Tuesday (FanDuel)

Josh Donaldson (+329) to HR: $25 to win $80
Andrew McCutchen (+430) to HR: $25 to win $107.50
CJ Cron (+230) to HR: $25 to win $57.50
Fernando Tatis Jr. (+240) to HR: $25 to win $60

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