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XFL Week 6 – Official Plays

Last Week Week 5: 1-2, -2.40 Units YTD: 8-4, +7.36 Units First losing week since the opening week. We had our 8 game winning streak snapped. It’s never fun losing, but it does happen. We’re still in great shape at the halfway point of the season being +7.36 Units in the regular season and having… Continue reading XFL Week 6 – Official Plays

XFL Week 5 Official Plays

Last Week Recap Week 4: 2-0, +4.00 Units YTD: 7-2, +9.76 Units Both of these won pretty easily. We’re rolling right now in the XFL, having won 7 straight games. Let’s keep it going this week! Week 5 Official Plays Please Note: These plays we’re made on Monday afternoon. To ensure you are notified of… Continue reading XFL Week 5 Official Plays

XFL Week 4 Official Plays

Last Week Recap Week 3: 2-0, +4.00 Units YTD: 5-2, +5.76 Units A nice 2-0 week. Seattle was closer than it should have been because of their turnovers again (2 TO’s to 0) and the fact that they went 0-for-4 on 3-PT Conversion attempts. They outgained their opponent by 2.4 YPP which is a really… Continue reading XFL Week 4 Official Plays

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